Ladies who Brunch

Confession: I am jealous of Gwyneth Paltrow.  Big time.  Not because her hair always looks perfectly blond (the woman never has roots).  Not because her ensembles seem effortlessly chic (who cares if she has a stylist).  Not because she speaks perfect Spanish.  Not even because she gets to listen to Chris Martin sing whenever she wants....

I'm way jealous of GP because she got to cook brunch with Ina Garten! 
Those of you who read Gwyneth's lifestyle site Goop will know that Mrs. Paltrow Martin is actually quite the domestic diva, with a particular interest in cooking (I'm not so sure how much she exactly eats...but, you get the point).
So recently Gwyneth got the chance to make a little brunch with Ina at her East Hampton's home. The two lovely ladies made homemade ricotta in a flash (from Ina's new book How Easy is That?) and then snacked on little crostini topped with their cheesy creation.  
Why they didn't invite me, I'm still not sure.  But, Ina and Gwyneth, if you're reading, I'm free for dinner next Saturday. I'll bring some hors d'oeuvres, you just bring your charming selves.
All images borrowed from Goop.


  1. oooh i just love goop! ina is my favorite too. what a combo!

  2. I consider Ina a BFF who cooks divinely. Her show makes you feel as though you too are invited for a lunch on the beach or a seemingly effortless dinner among friends.

  3. I am jealous of Gwenyth because she speaks Spanish, seems so down-to-earth and got to drive around Spain with Chef Mario Batali. She left the series early so she could travel home to see her children in their Halloween costumes.

  4. I totally have a crush on her too!


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