Nuptials Neverending: Cinematic Weddings

"I used to think a wedding was a simple affair. Boy and girl meet, they fall in love, he buys a ring, she buys a dress, they say I do. I was wrong. That's getting married. A wedding is an entirely different proposition." 
- George BanksFather of the Bride

As much as I enjoyed the fairy tale of Friday's wedding extravaganza, there is really nothing fresh or inspired I can add to any of the following topics: the dress, the dapper groom, the groom's wily brother, the bride's sleek sister, the fascinators, the less-than-fascinating fascinators, dress #2, or possible honeymoon destinations.  
Thusly, I shall spare you my thoughts on the nuptials of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (except to say, I thought the day was quite elegant and lovely).  Feel free to tune in to any channel on the tele for additional coverage of THE wedding.

THE wedding aside, I also have a real-life wedding to attend today.  My husband is the best-man for his best man-friend, and today will surely be filled with plenty of wedded bliss.  

Since it is nearly impossible for me to think of anything other than weddings at this moment, I have compiled my list of favorite wedding movies.  Should you still feel the urge to get a little weepy over white dresses and bouquets and tiered-cakes, watch one of these favorite flicks, and you'll be ready for a honeymoon in no time:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Great characters including the always endearing John Corbett who plays groom Ian Miller. And, all of the usual family drama amplified by Greek Orthodox pomp and circumstance. A warm, funny matrimonial romp. 
Steel Magnolias: Perhaps the ultimate chick flick and tear jerker, what could be more entertaining than a "bleeding armadillo groom's cake" at a big Southern weddin'?
Love, Actually: This movie, even beyond the "All You Need is Love" wedding scene, is one of my all-time faves.  If you've developed a case of Anglophilia in recent weeks, watching Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, should cure you straightaway.
Four Weddings and A Funeral: A classic should you desire an additional dose of the ever-charming Mr. Grant.  An excellent mix of belly laughs and poignancy. 
Father of the Bride: What would any wedding movie compilation be without this crowd-pleaser?  Aside from the touching moments between father and daughter, the ultimate perk of this favorite is watching the slow unraveling of George Banks, fueled by the hilarious antics of wedding planner Franck.
So, pour yourself a flute of champagne, indulge in a cupcake, and get a little weepy.  It's wedding season, my dears.  Time to party (let's just avoid the chicken dance, okay?).


  1. Ha I would love to drink champagne while having a Wedding Movie Marathon! :D
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Steel Magnolias, and Father of the Bride [1&2] are amazing favorites! So so so glad I found your blog! :D


  2. Of course, there's that funny guy's take on weddings: Wedding Crashers.

    Every wedding seems to have some comic element. In Will and Kate's, the arrival of Beatrice and Eugenie in those what-were-they-thinking outfits. Even the commentators couldn't keep a straight face. The girls' attire reminded me of hapless Fergie's fashion faux pas.


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