Some Little Pleasures

Today here are some things that make me giddily happy, in no particular order:
 swimming pool weather
 bright green orchids
 Calypso's new line at Target
 bagels (with more than a smear of cream cheese)
 my one sacred cup of coffee each a.m.
listening to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep"
dinners that I do not prepare
baby kicks from the little one inside me
sitting in an Adirondack chair.

Today, take time for one of your favorite little pleasures.

Images borrowed from VogueItaly, AbbyDaigle, Uwharrie, ImgFave, ModernEve, WeHeartIt, ImgFave, CraftGossip.

1 comment:

  1. I'm starting the day with a smile.
    LOVED the photos, Pink Frenchie!

    Your blog is a favorite pleasure,
    reading it is a morning ritual.


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