Wanderlust: Italia Edition

"Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti." 
-Sophia Loren
I've written about wanderlust here before but now I've got it bad.  I feel like sitting in LAX and just choosing the first flight I spot on the departures screen (fingers crossed I score Shanghai or Milan and not Springfield or Midland).  
At the moment though, I continually dream of Italia--it happens every year at this time when I recall my last adventures there in 2008.  This yearning was made even more unquenchable after seeing the Wall Street Journal's entire "Off Duty" section was devoted to Italy.  (insert Italianate hand gestures of frustration here)

So, since I'm stuck here in the O.C. for at least a few more months, I shall travel via photo.  Here's what I'm most looking forward to on my next journey to la bella Italia: 

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  1. Cara mia,

    You will go to Italia. In the meantime, let me recommend The Reluctant Tuscan -- a memoir of building a house in Tuscancy with all the joys and mishaps and cultural miscommunication. It's as flavorful, filling and tasty as your bowl of pasta.


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