Cocktail du jour: Pomegranate Cosmo

There really needs to be a cleverer name for this cocktail, but I couldn't think of one.  Pomeranian?  No, that's a white, fussy purse dog.  Pozmo?  Nope, lame.  Well, maybe I've had one too many to be clever.  What I can tell you is that these are tasty!

Here's the scoop on this delicious beverage.  It's filled with antioxidants so it's practically a liquid vitamin.
-2 parts Vodka (Russian Standard is my favorite, comrads)
-1 part Cointreau
-2 parts Pomegranate juice
-squeeze of lime

Shake with lots of ice.  Serve in cold martini glass. Enjoy one or two with an excellent book, a thrilling movie or a mindless magazine. 

1 comment:

  1. Ma chere,

    Very pretty and very tasty!
    Enjoyed this with friends
    at my book club yesterday.

    C'est si bon!


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