Nightly Rituals

Now that my sweet baby has been a part of our lives for almost a year, my husband and I find ourselves carving out time for solitude (or "coupletude") in the evening hours. Always one to embrace little rituals, our baby has made me even more devoted those moments throughout the day where I can recharge my proverbial batteries.  When I allow myself time and space to think and dream, I am a more fun and energetic mom, a more devoted wife and a more passionate teacher.  I try not to underestimate the value of an evening doing exactly what I want.

Every night, after our daughter goes to bed (and before she awakes again around 11pm...and 2am and 5am), I put away all her books and toys and creatures.  I store them in their cubbies and nooks.  I make myself one really yummy cocktail.  I light the candles (the smellier, the better), flip through my magazines and enjoy the silence.  

For me, evening rituals bring a quiet close to a long, hectic day.  I use the time to contemplate and dream.  Ah....peace. 

What are your favorite nightly rituals?  A long soak in the tub?  A wonderful novel and a glass of vino?  A run through the park?  What prepares your soul for another day of work?

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  1. My ritual is a walk around Woodbridge lake at the heart of my community. No matter how times I've done this, the beauty of the lake never fails to astound me. The scene changes with the season and the time of day.

    Communing with nature is my stress-reliever, a ritual that clears my mind for the day ahead.


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