Ode to Dad

Things my daddio taught me:
  • it's never too late to change course 
  • try to eat local, organic food as often as possible but don't fret if you occasionally consume grape soda and Doritos
  • the comedy duo of Bing Crosby and Bob Hope transcend generational boundaries
  • NPR is usually the best choice on the radio
  • you are never too full for a good piece of dark chocolate
  • be open to change 
  • Jacques Pepin has a lot to teach us
  • the most insulting term you should ever call anyone is "dork-butt"
  • a visit to a museum is always a good idea
  • never stop learning
  • asparagus and brussels sprouts are, in fact, delicious
  • you can't beat a Yellow Labrador as a best friend
  • the films at the art theater are usually superior to those at the megaplex
  • Dumb and Dumber will make you laugh until you snort (and it's okay to contradict yourself sometimes...see previous bullet point)
  • read both the Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker to balance yourself out
  • people who park crooked in their parking spots are called "diagonerds"
  • watch Public Television, you will learn something new
  • you can love both Chopin and OutKast 
  • "Lack of planning on your behalf does not constitute an emergency on my behalf."
  • be kind

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