Pour le bébé

I have no plans of turning this blog into a mommy-zone, sharing stories of diaper woes or onesie wonders.  But...I am a mom now.  It's inescapable.  I cannot separate Pink Frenchie from Maaaammmmaawwww (that's how my own bébé says it these days).  So from time to time, I do want to share some special finds for the petits people in your life.
Berthe Morisot, The Cradle, 1872

Here are a couple of my recent favorite baby goodies for my little daughter:
A favorite pop-up book available at Amazon.  Teaching counting, the three little mermaids throw their sea friends a tea party!  The book is especially delightful when read by my big manly husband. 

Olivia-in-the-box available at Amazon. Some Jack-in-the-boxes are scary, but Miss Olivia is perfectly charming and elicits giggles from my own baby.

Episencial Baby Sunscreen available at Amazon.  Non-greasy and baby safe for your little summer sun-lover.  Lovely for mommas too!
Robeez Pretty Pansie Crib Shoes available at Amazon. I've found that most baby shoes are just another object to lose in Target.  They fall off.  The baby rips them off to chew as a leather teething snack.  These are the only exception I've discovered.  These little white shoes stay put AND they're cute.  Functionality and personality all in one itty bitty shoe. 

Arty book for the touchy-feely baby available at Amazon. This book includes many renowned artworks that your budding art historian will enjoy. 

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  1. Have you bought your bebe the French giraffe? I did mine plus all the Madeleine books.


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