Pretty Monday: Natural Wonders

"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long 
to play with your hair."  
-Khalil Gibran
Another weekend has come and gone (Madame Obvious at your service).  Sigh.  I spent my Saturday and Sunday with my sweet little family.  We had an exceptionally perfect time together, frolicking in the park and swimming in the sun, grilling veggies from the farmer's market and sitting on our porch.  I always find the best weekends are the most ordinary ones. 

After the unimaginable events in Aurora last week, today (well, always) let's just be kind.  Love your people.  Remember that small Monday morning problems will pass.  Life is short, love and live well.  A few minutes outside among the trees and sun and flowers always calms me and reminds me to be still and treasure my life.  Get up a little early to greet the sun or have your dinner outside and watch the sun wash the horizon in evening warmth.  Go for a walk and smell the flowers. 

All photos by moi.

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