Flowers for Friday

Finally after weeks of lingering summer, the weather has turned crisp and cool in Southern California.  Yesterday after our first good rain since spring, my little one and I walked through the park, feeling the bright sun on our faces, listening to the winds rustling the changing leaves and noticing that unmistakable, diffused autumn light.  
To celebrate this welcome shift in temperature and seasons, I've adorned my table today with autumnal mums and bright green hypernicum berries.  Don't forget to treat yourselves to a cheery pumpkin or fall flowers today.  Harvest those last few perfect days before chilly winter blows into our lives yet again.  Happy weekend, my dears!


  1. Isn't it amazing how the colors of fall flowers
    duplicate the blazing colors of the turning of the leaves?

    Insipring photos, Pink Frenchie.

  2. Reading Flowers for Friday and the beautiful photos of your arrangements gave a wonderful boost to my day!!


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