Le Halloween

Halloween ("l'alowine!") is certainly not a major (or even minor) holiday en France.  Perhaps you'll find a pumpkin carving kit in a market or a store front decked out in spooky style, but the French seems far less enthusiastic about Halloween than us Americans.  

Peter Mayle, Francophile and charming writer of Provençal tales, recorded his thoughts on French Halloween in the New York Times a few years back.  Though the French seem reluctant to adopt this most magnifique of American traditions (or really ANY American traditions),  here are just a few festive Frenchie Halloween touches: 
Images borrowed from GoodwoodOregonPinterest, VirtualTourist, and NewYorkTimes

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  1. Growing up in Mexico City, it was quite something to see the popularization of Halloween. We'd buy the treats and then wait for the little witches, devils and ghosts who'd come buy demanding "triqui tri."


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