Pretty Monday: For the Table

Thanksgiving is just three weeks away.  If you're hosting this biggest of all dinner parties, while menu planning and taste testing, take a break to imagine something pretty on your table.
A cozy farm house table with benches & cozy blankets

Set your table with your finest plates and glasses, add something natural and a touch of color.  Whether classy and traditional or innovative and modern, your table sets the tone.  

Remember, we eat with our eyes first. Let your Thanksgiving table be the first fabulous clue that a scrumptious feast is on its way.  Even if you burn your turkey or ruin your pie, a lovely table will cover all manner of culinary sins (and a couple of good bottles of wine will help too). 
Minimal and chic autumn decor
Pink and yellow flair with a modern cornucopia 
Crisp white punctuated with orange tulips and pumpkins
An overflowing basket of fall fruits, pinecones & leaves
Personalized pumpkins for your guests
Creamy and dreamy traditional table
Images borrowed from Pinterest

1 comment:

  1. Lovely photos, Pink Frenchie.
    The autumn table settings are an inspiration.
    Love the "pumpkinny" orangey tones
    in all of these.


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