Cocktail du Jour: Ginger Margarita

I purchased this bottle of ginger liqueur, Domaine de Canton, after admiring its unique orientalist bottle.  I'm sure my husband loves my habit of buying fancy bottles of stuff I've never tasted (the Campari experiment being my worst decision) and taking up precious Bourbon real estate on the bar.  
Not knowing exactly what to make with such an unusual elixir, I searched for ginger-inspired cocktails.  That is how the ginger margarita was born.

With just a touch of gingery spice, this liqueur plays marvelously well with tequila, triple sec and lime juice.  The ginger notes elevate the ordinary margie to a delicious new height.  

Here's how you mix one (or two) up:

2 parts silver tequila
1/2 part ginger liqueur
1/2 part triple sec or Cointreau
juice of half a lime
Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with lots of ice.  Shake well and pour over ice.  Serve with a salted rim and a slice of lime.  These are lovely on their own or would be tasty with most any spicy Asian fare.  Enjoy, lovelies!  

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