Flowers for Friday

With its soft yellow and pink face, this orchid reminds me of the singing flowers in Alice in Wonderland.  When I pass by the lovely blooms in our entryway, I secretly hope I'll catch them humming along.

Orchids are the perfect winter flower because their blooms last so long, bringing color to the sometimes bleak January days.  

Here's how I care for my orchid to ensure it will bloom again:

  • I cut the stem down to about one inch tall and keep the green leaves intact. 
  • Then I dab a touch of cinnamon on the open part of the stem (promise I'm not a botanical witch doctor, this works as a natural fungicide).  
  • I keep the orchid outside on our porch and water just until damp, every one to two weeks.  Orchids love drops in temperatures and cool California evenings are just perfect.  
In a few months, sometimes even an entire year, you'll start to notice a tiny green stem rising from the pot of orchid soil.  When the orchid finally blooms again, the flowers are even more gorgeous than before.  Waiting and waiting on that sweet, temperamental, little plant to flower again makes its beauty much more amazing.

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