Confessions of a neatfreak

Call me crazy (you wouldn't be the first), but I just love cleaning my apartment. Perhaps it's my self-proclaimed OCD, but something about organizing, sorting, dusting and swiffering makes everything seem right with the world. For the past fews years I've enjoyed the luxury of not working on Fridays. So, I have always used my afternoons sans hubby, to tidy up. This is not a ritual that I dread, but one that I eagerly await. Perhaps my pink grapefruit scented Method counter-top spray is just chemically altering my brain....or maybe the hum of my Dyson is putting out subliminal messages...but really, I think it's the freshness and newness that appeals to me. No matter how my week may have gone awry, putting things in their place makes the chaos of the world seem to vanish.

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