I have always been one of those girls who stumbled through the rites of womanhood. I could never figure out how some of my peers in high school or college could just sweep on some eyeshadow and have a glorious smokey eye or dab on lip gloss and appear so dewy and lovely (they must have had older sisters!).

I have had so so so many beauty mishaps. One rainy and oh so humid afternoon in Tennessee, I discovered that the clear mascara I had applied to my eyebrows (to keep them neatly contained) was turning into a gooey gelatinous mess all over my forehead. More times than not, I've purchased the wrong color of foundation and/or concealer....yes, I know, ladies, "quelle horreur!" At these moments, I feel like I'd be better suited having my face done by the makeup artist for an off-Broadway production of Cats. Oy!

Suffice it to say, when I find some new goody tha
t I adore, I want to share it with all my gal pals. So, without further adieu, my fave of the moment: Benefit's boi-oing!

This magic little palette is billed as "industrial strength concealer," and it lives up to this claim. When I look "tired" or "sick" or "the same way I do every morning," this wondrous stuff, with a swipe of my index finger makes me look refreshed (and way less grumpy.)

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