Taste Treats, Coffee Edition

Often, when attempting to get my brother and me to try some "new" food item, my Dad would bill it as a "taste treat." Far too often these taste treats would in fact be neither tasty nor a treat. Sorry, Dad, brussel sprouts were not enticing to a 9 year old. But, as we all do, I've become my parents and started adopting his little dad-isms.

This morning, as with every morning in recent memory, I was sipping on my freshly ground cup of French roast and thinking to myself that this is a true "taste treat." When Monday mornings trudge along and seem so inherently crappy, a hot mug of joe certainly does wake up my mind and body. I must say though, coffee-making didn't come instantly to me. The absolute key to my coffee-brewing success is my Cuisinart machine. Ah, sweet nectar of the gods! That machine magically measures the beans, grinds them, and makes a strong and vivacious cup of coffee.

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