Carrie the Wise

SSB: Secret Single Behavior. Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw coined this fitting term for all those things we do that we do not want our hubby/partner/bf/gf/flame to see. Carrie's SSB involved eating a stack of saltine and grape jelly sandwiches, while standing up in the kitchen and reading Vogue--she couldn't explain why she did this, just that it felt so good.

What are your SSBs? What are the little innocent and unexplained rituals that you enjoy only by yourself? What do you do for no rhyme or reason when you have a moment of solitude?

I light all of my yummy smelling candles and watch the Real Housewives while painting my nails (and hope that I don't ignite from all of the nail polish fumes and candles). Sometimes, I put on my stretchy pants and eat waffles for dinner, while watching Jeopardy and saying the answers aloud.

Why? Who knows? Because it feels good. Because bringing someone else into these rituals would change them. Because another person would take away from the inherent innocuous pleasure of doing precisely what I want. Because some idiosyncrasies are best enjoyed alone.

Take a little "you time." Relish your SSBs.

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