At the Movies: Seeing Red

The first movie to be made using color film was called A Visit to the Seaside and was released in 1908. Since that monumental day in cinematic history, color has become one of the defining attributes of modern film making. Last week, I looked at films where the color green was of utmost visual importance. Today, we shall consider films where the color red takes a starring role:

Monsoon Wedding:
The Red Shoes: The Sixth Sense (here used to signify when something is real...spooky): Moulin Rouge: Le ballon rouge:In the Mood for Love:Chocolat:Pretty Woman:all images borrowed from IMDB and GoogleImages

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  1. I saw Home Alone on tv the other night and was struck how every scene had a touch of red. The film takes place at Christmas so red is the dominant color whether in clothing, furnishings or wall paper.

    When the bad guys appear in black, uh, oh . . .


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