Cocktail du jour

I'm guessing you may be in want of a delicious cocktail at this point in the week. Recently, I've been experimenting with gin. For those of you who need an "entry level" gin concoction, this is the drink for you.

Introducing, the Gizmo (don't worry, no gremlins required)!
I make mine just as I would a Classic Cosmopolitan but substitute Tanqueray gin for vodka. I suppose you're wondering how the juniper-flavor would mingle with cranberry juice, eh? Well, let me tell you, this goes down smoothly. You might even catch your hubby taking a sip of your pink drink!

Cheers, mes amis!

P.S. Are you not loving these new martini glasses from World Market with Parisian monuments subtly etched into the glass?

Photos by moi.

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