Let There Be Light

"Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation." -James Turrell

Whether supporting fancy beeswax candles or ordinary incandescent bulbs, chandeliers can visually anchor most any room. Not merely for dangling above the dining table anymore, chandeliers have become a design-world favorite for all sorts of spaces---grand or intimate, lavish or quotidian.

Lighting designers have not limited their media to Murano glass or ubiquitous crystal pendants either. While the standard traditional chandelier styles are no doubt lovely, creative folks have even put silverware, acrylic gummy bears and river detritus to an elegant uses in recent lighting projects:
Be sure to check out The Decorista's fabulous images of outdoor chandeliers for even more inspiration.

Images from
TheFrisky, RoseMille, here, Murano, Evropashop, Makezine, Blavish, StuartDesign & ApartmentTherapy.

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