Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Hola, for today, Les Petits Plaisirs will be going Spanish and acknowledging Los Placeres Pequeños. (Sorry Mes Amis)

For most Americans, Cinco de Mayo is probably just another excuse to party (à la Saint Patty's Day). Cinco de Drunko, if you will.

Because it is so often shrouded in mariachi music and tequila, I was interested to know more about the true roots of this holiday, which is often celebrated to a greater extent by Chicanos in the states than in Mexico.

Via UCLA, here's a little history of
Cinco de Mayo, a day that marks the defeat of the French army in Mexico.

A few images to get you in a festive spirit:

Images borrowed from HammockHeaven, DavidLitschel, ADozenEggs, Folklorico & SeductionMeals.


  1. So loving cinco de mayo! I will have to brush up on my spanish! Cute blog!

  2. An artist friend of mine moved to Mexico and for the first two months was unable to paint. I asked him why. "The colors," he said. "They blind you with their intensity. I had to choose a whole other palette."

    As in the photo of the women dancing, the pinks are hot and the yellows brilliant. Stroll down the street in a colonial village in Mexico and you'll see a mustard house abutting a magenta house. The colors remind me of pungent spices in the marketplace.


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