Dinner Time

This is a truth universally acknowledged: Mondays were made for comfort food. Last night, knowing that my hubby would return from work depleted and ravenous, I treated him to some semi-homemade chicken pot pies.

June Cleaver, I am not. So, I did cheat
Ina's recipe by using ready made pie crust and a rotisserie chicken. The results were quite comforting indeed.Photos by moi.


  1. Nice! I like them in the little ramikens!! I hope you are well!

  2. Woooo hoooo, my faithful reader, Howie is back! :) Yep, the ramekins were perfect for this....then we had individual servings good to go for lunch today. And, the rotisserie chicken was a huge time saver....hope all is well with y'all....


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