Chalk it Up

Perhaps it's the teacher in me, or even the compulsive list-maker, but the thought of a chalkboard wall is enticing: a recipe here, a doodle there.Though in order to make the chalkboard wall all the more appealing, I would want a handwriting makeover. My current chicken scratch would not look like interior decor. It would look like a list-making nut had moved in. While we're pretending, I would request that my handwriting look like that which is ubiquitous on French café menu boards.
If not a whole wall, what about a cabinet or hutch?
Images borrowed from AwesomeKitchenRedux, Curbly, HiddeninFrance, CocoMale, & OutBlush.

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  1. A meal always seems more divine when written in that signature French script. I remember going to Les Halles market in Paris as as JYF student and having classic French onion soup at 3:00 a.m. and hearing trucks pull up and the driver shouting, "Les asperges sont arrivees!" Then seeing mountains of fresh asparagus.

    I also remember asparagus season in Switzerland and going to out dinner to restaurants featuring asparagus with a choice of some twenty sauces written on a board again in that French script like a list of flavors at Baskin Robbins.

    We all have our "madeleines" that bring back those special times, shared with friends.


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