The Four Friends

Bette Midler said it best, "well, you got to have fri-ends."

In my life, I've been fortunate to have had some fabulous friends. Some are near, others are far away. Some are old enough to be my mother, and others have known me since I was five. As I prepare to enter my thirties, I have come to recognize that every gal needs four types of friends
  1. The Faithful Friend(A "Wind Beneath your Wings" Beaches friend): If you have one of these in your life, consider yourself lucky. This is the friend that you think about on a daily basis. This is the buddy who knows what's on your mind before you utter words. This is the so-called 2am friend. This is the first person you want to share all of your major life decisions with and the person that will be in your heart forever.
  2. The Fearless Friend(The Thelma to your Louise) : Fearless friends are fantastic travel companions. These are the people who push you to expand your horizons and try new things. Often, they are the yin to your yang. Fearless friends tell you the truth when no one else will.
  3. The Lunch Bunch Friend(Your Sam, Char, Carrie, and Miranda): These ladies are the regulars. They enjoy frequent visits and often give you better advice than a therapist ever could. These friends know exactly how to make you laugh. They know what to order for you if you're running late to lunch. They are the masters of chit chat.
  4. The Lifelong Friend(The YaYas): Often these friendships date back to your awkward middle school years when you had permed bangs and wore overalls (or was that just me?). These are the girls who became women with you. These are the girls who share your youth and help you to treasure those sweet memories forever.
What would your life be without the best of friends?

Images borrowed from PursuingInspiration, WeHeartIt & ImgFave.


  1. Here's to a great friend in the pink frenchie, who always brightens our days with great insights here! Have fun at SATC #2. I have not seen #1!! I am behind and need to get signed up for netflix again! Miss you! XOXO

  2. Friends are not only our heroes but the wind beneath our wings.

  3. Pink Frenchie,
    Your blog has become a best girlfriend, always full of good cheer, interesting observations and there for me!
    I imagine us getting together with BFF's for brunch on Saturdays and sipping mimosas. Another slice of your divine quiche, s'il vous plait . . .


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