Gushing Over 9 by Design {again}

As I've admitted before, I am completely captivated by 9 by Design on Bravo. Unlike so many of the train-wreck reality programs, this show focuses on a family that is living well and doing good.

While the show's central premise is the Novogratz' design firm, Sixx Design, often the episodes involve their 7 children. I've been consistently amazed by this large family and their creativity, compassion and sense of community.

Aside from the personal narratives that Cortney and Bob share with the viewers, I am totally smitten with the other stars of 9 by Design---the rooms!

As I delve deeper into blog-world, I am starting to see so many visual clichés and redundancies. In contrast, the Novogratz' designs are refreshingly original. They effortlessly mix modern and vintage, color and neutrals, the expected and the unexpected. Each of the projects they've designed on the show inspire me to break the proverbial mold as I reconsider my own dwelling space.

See how they juxtapose the feminine aspects of this chandelier with the industrial quality of the stainless steel:
Yep, that's a garage door! Check out the contrasting art choices too: It's tricky to make pink seem modern, but by playing it off red, this space works: This vanity is topped with the most personal details without looking cluttered: All images borrowed from SixxDesign.

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  1. I too love this show! I love that their work found them. Friends liked the homes they had designed and asked them to design theirs! So like their family, their business seems to have grown organically!

    The added bonus to the show is seeing the adorable children. Nothing seems contrived here they way it does on other reality shows. It's refreshing!


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