Salad, French Style

One of the first culinary revelations I had in Paris was the salade composée. Whereas most of the salads I had experienced in Missouri up to that point in my young life were sloppy heaps of iceberg with an occasional carrot, French salads were presented in orderly little stacks of veggies and pickled goodies. Salade composée, composed salad, was elegantly arranged with flavors that mingled together deliciously.

As result of this early Parisian training in "how to make salad look yummy," when possible I take a little extra time to arrange my salad components in a pleasing way. Even when you're just throwing together a jar of Ragu and some penne for dinner, this salad takes the meal from "pas mal" to "très bien."


  1. This salad looks unbelievable!! I am just obsessed with your blog, so many pretty things! I am happy to be following along now and want to send some of my besties your blog to check out!! ;) xoxo

  2. Thank you so so much, Trish!!! I always wonder who reads my silliness so I am thrilled to have new followers and readers. I truly appreciate your feedback. And, now, I've checked out your blog and we are clearly blog-soul-sisters! :)

  3. Pink Frenchie, You have an eye for design! Your salad is "tres chic." The arrangemenbt of greens and oranges with a touch of purple beets remind me of an artist's palette.


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