Taste Treats: Cupcake Edition

It would seem that America has experienced a cupcake Renaissance. Back when I was a little sugar-loving towhead, cupcakes were the stuff of elementary school birthday parties, not chi-chi-fou-fou events and fancy-pants bakeries.

I'm guessing this cakey craze all started back in 2004 with Sprinkles and those delectable $3.25 treats topped in thick, scrumptious frosting and elegant sugar dots. Since then, cupcake stores seem to be populating street corners faster than Starbucks.

I have to wonder if this trend will last. Are cupcakes to the 2000s what fro-yo was the the 1980s? I know this question keeps you awake at night. Hopefully all the charming little cupcakeries won't go the way of TCBY.

Every now and again, a girl needs a little cream cheese frostin' to make it through the week. Am I right or am I right?

Let us stop and have a moment of silence for the fabulous person who invented the cupcake.

If you find yourself in want of even more cupcakiness, be sure to visit CupCakesTakeTheCake.

Images borrowed from Sprinkles,
MyModernMet, CakesandCups & GluttonyIsABliss.


  1. The packaging alone would make be buy that cupcake! I know too much packaging is not a good thing....but I love great packaging. Boo to me?
    Have a lovely day!

  2. MMMMM, I looove cupcakes! Especially red velvet!


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