Retail Therapy

I go through phases where I want to throw the complete contents of my closet into the back of my SUV and drive to the local Goodwill donation center.

Generally this closet ennui occurs mid-week, when I feel as if I've exhausted every possible outfit permutation. As I contemplate getting rid of my tired attire, I also imagine what might replace my heaps of sweater sets and pencil skirts.

Problem is---what I usually dream of are the least practical ensembles possible. Case in point, dreaming of a red gown (because clearly I could wear any of these numbers to Trader Joe's or to teach my classes):

Images borrowed from Buzz, FashionInspiration, Flickr, ImageShack/AudreyHepburnComplex, Img, & Fashion-More.


  1. I feel your pain - why weren't we born princesses a few hundred years ago and since I am in imagine-land we would have all modern amenities too. Then we could where gowns whenever we want! XOXO


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