Trend Alert: Moroccan Madness

Prediction: with much of SATC2 set in Abu Dhabi in the U.A.E. (but filmed in Morocco), Middle Eastern fashion trends are going to be all over the place this summer. As with the first film (and the previous 6 seasons of shows), certain items become the rage and gals from Staten Island to San Diego start adopting their own versions of the signature looks: the "Carrie" necklace, big belts, heaps of pearls, poofy skirts. I would imagine that most of the predominant fashion trends of the 2000s can ultimately be traced back to the one and only Carrie Bradshaw.

How do you add touches of Abu Dhabi to your wardrobe without pulling on gold sequin harem pants (à la Samantha Jones)? A few key items will add Moroccan flair without making you feel like you're lost in the desert:
  • elaborate embellished necklines
  • hot colors: reds, pinks, oranges
  • Arabic prints: ikat and horseshoe arches
  • metallics: pile on lots of silver & gold
  • heaps of bangles and bracelets
  • desert-inspired sandals
So, hop on your camel and head over to your local Forever 21 or H&M. You don't want to break your budget for these temporary trends. The stores geared at the Gossip Girl set always spot these trends first and offer you an opportunity to experiment on the cheap.

Screen shots borrowed from InStyle.

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  1. Will be interesting to see the implications. Not found of the current peasant styles, this can't be any worse! But I do love the potential vibrant colors that may be seen in whatever the new fashion influences become.


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