Pour mon père

Happy day to my dad! 

Daddio, you've given me a strong moral code like Atticus Finch: 

You instilled in me a thirst for travel and adventure like Dr. Henry Jones (and coincidentally you also wear a lot of hats, literal and metaphorical):

You reminded me to treasure my wonderful small town roots like George Bailey:

And like George Banks, you kept your cool when you walked me down the aisle (despite Franck's grandiose wedding plans):
There is no one cinematic dad who sums you up, dad.  You're one of a kind, the best of the best. 

You're the best hamburger-griller, trip-planner and reality-check giver.  

You're the best at providing automobile service advice, best at selecting eccentric neckties,  best at always choosing the perfect bottle of wine, best at encouraging my silly dreams and best iTune's latest discovery resource.  

You're the best at offering free long distance medical consultations to your hypochondriac daughter and the best at reminding your carnivorous son about the dietary benefits of tofu.  

You are the best dad a girl could ask for.  Thanks for letting me be me. 


  1. A beautiful tribute, Pink Frenchie!

  2. Nice! Daddies are the best! Hope y'all are well!


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