Slumber Sanctuary

I covet bedtime.  I delight in burrowing into my sheets and settling down for the evening.  Whether switching on my bedside lamp and reading a magazine for a bit or immediately dozing off, my bed is a sanctuary.  
Often we neglect our bedroom spaces because none of our guests visit those private rooms.  Bedrooms lack the "show-off" factor.  But your bedroom should truly be the most restorative, restful, beautiful place in your home, even if you are the only regular visitor.
How do you turn your bedroom from blahful to blissful, from Sleepless in Seattle to While You Were Sleeping?  Here are my favorite bedroom design tips:
  • All white linens will make you feel like you're sleeping in a classy hotel.  Crisp white sheets and duvets always look clean and elegant regardless of your other decor.
  • Ditch the t.v. in the bedroom.  When you go to sleep, wouldn't you rather close your eyes to the whir of the ceiling fan than the sound of David Letterman's squawk? 
  • Surround your bed with soft soothing colors.  Choose shades that slow your pulse and provide visual tranquility.
  • Fill your room with objects that inspire you: artwork from your travels, stacks of favorite novels, and photographs of loved ones.  As you fade into sleep, you will see glimpses of things that recharge and restore you.
Images borrowed from JenFlanders, RueMagazine, JenniferWortsDesign, JanShowers, CarlosMota & DavidJimenez.

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  1. I love this post - so many great tips. I
    t's so true, bedrooms are often neglected from being transformed into a relaxing sanctuary. They should be a place you feel completely at ease at as soon as you enter it. I just painted one wall of my bedroom a lovely shade of blue & this change has seriously transformed the feeling I get when I tuck into bed to read a book or fall asleep..& I couldn't agree more there is def no need for a tv in the bedroom.

    Patisserie Coeur


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