The Art of the Trench

Let's face it ladies (and perhaps some of you gents), we all have a fashion wish-list: those shoes or bags or watches that we covet, look at longingly in catalogs and store windows, then pragmatically remember that those goodies cost more than a mortgage payment.  
For me, the item at the tippy top of my dream fashion list is a classic Burberry trench coat. 
While I've had trenches a plenty over the years, none have been lined with that gorgeously simple Burberry camel and red plaid.  Unlike a pair of Louboutins or a quilted Chanel bag, what appeals to me about the trench is its practicality in spite of its price tag.  It would not be reserved for special occasions or date nights.  Quite the contrary, the Burberry trench is a quotidian fashion statement.
I imagine belting the coat over everything from a pair of old jeans to a chic sheath dress.  For regardless of what you're wearing beneath it, the clean lines and cinched waist of the Burberry trench will add Jackie O style distinction to any ensemb.  As the years roll on or as the circumference of your waistline grows, the trench will always look timelessly tasteful. 
What are your fashion fantasies?  What do you pass by in the store windows and drool over?  A Hermès Kelly bag perhaps?  A Cartier watch?  A Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress?

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  1. Dear Pink Frenchie,

    a Burberry trench was exactly my fashion fantasy for ages! Last year finally I had saved the money and bought it and since then it is in use over every business and evening outfit. You always feel "dressed" with it.

    Have a nice weekend!


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