Words to Live by

Picasso and friends on the beach
Jacqueline with Flowers, 1954
Picasso and his beloved Doxie "Lump"
The Bathers, 1918
Dancing in his studio
Green Still Life, 1914
Take Picasso's little reminder to heart.  So often we get bogged down in all the dust of everyday life: work projects and carpool, what's for dinner and gassing up the car, e-mail updates and iPod playlists. 

Just when you feel you've gotten submerged in the necessary nitty gritty of daily existence, give pause and look at something beautiful.  

Art need not be confined to the walls of a gallery or a museum.  Art is in the flowerbeds that line the pathway on your morning walk.  It's in a bright pink scoop of strawberry gelato or a perfectly flakey croissant.  It's written in the pages of a Fitzgerald novel.  Find art all around you.

Images borrowed from here & UniversityofTexas.

1 comment:

  1. Art is the Pink Frenchie blog.
    Your celebration
    of life's delicious details
    inspires me.


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