By Candlelight

One of my favorite little rituals each evening is scurrying around the apartment and lighting nearly every candle in the place.  No matter the time of year, weeknight or weekend, I light my candles and watch the day wind down.  

Whether coupled with Sunday Night Football or Debussy and a glass of Pinot Noir, the candles are nearly always flickering in our kitchen and living room.
That soft, warm candlelight just soothes me.  With the lights down low and the candles lit, I cannot help but feel a change in my mood.  

Often people tend to save candles for birthdays and romantic dinners, but I think we ought to punctuate our ordinary weeknights with a little diffused, delicate, dancing candlelight. 

Here are a few tips for decorating with candles:
  • avoid scented candles at dinner: you want your diners to smell the food, after all 90% of taste is smell

  • groups your candles for the most impact: try odd numbers of large pillars as a centerpiece or on your coffee table

  • place candles in unexpected places: next to the soap dish in your guest bath or atop your nightstand or even in your fireplace

  • white and ivory candles are always a classic choice

  • couple your candles with fresh cut flowers: flowers and candles offer immediate elegance and timeless romance
Images borrowed from ElizabethAnnDesigns, WeHeartIt, KatyElliot, Interiors, CutePinkStuff, TheDecorista & AbsolutelyBeautifulThings.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Pink Frenchie,
    wonderful post! I really love your ideas for making a normal day special.
    I also love playing around with candles in my flat and I don't like it if they are just decoration - they also have to be lit so that there is a reason to buy new ones :-) At the moment I'm using my apple candles - exactly the right thing for this time of the year.
    Have a nice start in the new week, Toni


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