On Living Small

My husband and I have never owned a house.  We are career renters.  At first, we rented because we were young and broke and had no other options.  Now, we rent as a choice.
There are times when I crave a picket fence or superfluous rooms or an attic full of storage space; but, for the most part, I adore living small.  
In just 1000 square feet, hubby and I have everything we could possibly want or need.  I have filled each precious nook of our apartment with treasures collected on our travels, heirlooms and precious artworks. With no space wasted, I treat each surface as an opportunity and each wall as a gallery. 
Designing small spaces has its challenges, but more often, I am thrilled with our manageable home.  For me, the true mark of a perfect floor plan is being able to vacuum my entire domestic realm without unplugging the machine. 
The proverbial grass is always greener.  Sure, at moments, I would adore a house of our own.  But, now, at this career-focused, frenetic moment in our lives, sometimes, it is fantastically lovely to be able to call maintenance, sit back and watch someone else fix the clogged sink. It is wonderful to return to our apartment and see rows and rows of coral roses that I didn't have to plant and swim in a pool that I didn't clean.  It is fulfilling to know that we have exactly enough space to accommodate our every need and not an inch more.
Whatever space you have, make it yours.  Whether palatially grand or chic and petite, turn your home into a space that welcomes you and delights you.  When it comes to real estate, I'm not so convinced that size matters.   
Images borrowed from DecorPad, ElleDecor, AroundTheHouse, MattersofStyle, ElleDecor.

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