The Little Village

Each November, as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are cleared away, I excitedly bring out my small collection of Christmas treasures. Even though I have amassed special ornaments from my travels over the years, what I really relish at Christmas is setting up my little village.  

As I neatly place the houses and sprinkle the glittered "snow" all around, immediately I feel like a girl again, as if I'm rearranging my doll house or pretending to play in a winter wonderland. 
Paper houses with mica snow, these so-called "Putz" villages originated in Germany and were brought to the United States by the Pennsylvania Dutch.  Assembled together, they form an enchanted lilliputian land.
Each year, I add another tiny house to my town.  In a season of so much red and green, I adore that these little places are pink and key lime green and aqua, a palette more befitting my own aesthetic.  If the diminutive houses weren't charming enough, I even have a little gnome made of a pine-cone to ski across the village lake.
What is your favorite Christmas treasure? 


  1. My favorite treasure is a Christmas tree skirt made by my mother, an artist. On it are felt angels decorated with sequins and a Santa. All have hand-painted faces.

    Another treasure: wooden ornaments painted by my daughter when she was seven. I also have a few made by my son. What I LOVE about Christmas is that it brings back all those wonderful childhood memories.

  2. I adore your little town its just lovely.

    I have too many Christmas treasures. Since my sister & I could walk my mother would take us to town @ Christmas time. We would dress up & have a photos taken with Santa that day, go for a lovely high tea & most importantly we would each pick a new Christmas decoration to be placed on the tree when we got home to decorate it. So, I have approximately 23 to treasures to choose from. They are all so special.


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