Holiday Joy

"Joy is not in things; it is in us."
--Benjamin Franklin
American consumerism is in full swing this time of year.  Each holiday season, I am once again disgusted by the way the beauty of the season of often overshadowed by the consumption of "things." 
Gift giving and receiving, when done with love and thoughtfulness can be a great pleasure.  But, it's the chronic advertisements and the "black Friday" mania and the crowded stores that just turn me into a Scrooge. 
So, take this reminder to cherish the parts of the holiday that haven't been tainted with dollar signs.  Ditch your Christmas list and your shopping to-dos and revel in the seasonal pleasure of a fresh pine tree in your living room or delight in some freshly baked gingerbread.  Remember, as ole' Ben Franklin urges us to consider, that joy is within us not at the mall or wrapped beneath the tree.

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  1. JOY is reading your French Pinkie blog.
    A special petit cadeau each morning!
    Merci, ma chere.


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