Flowers for Friday

Not one of Flora's brilliant race
  A form more perfect can display;
    Art could not feign more simple grace
      Nor Nature take a line away.
      - James Montgomery, On Planting a Tulip
Nothing adds more elegance to a room than a large clear vase of tulips. Whether you fancy the pinkest pink or a creamy ivory, tulips gracefully bend and arc on their green stems.  They delight us with their simplicity and amaze us with their beauty.

This Friday, indulge in a bunch of fresh tulips and you'll be cheerful all weekend long. 

Top photo by moi. Other images borrowed from Sarah Richardson, DecorPad, ElleDecorMassuccoWarnerMiller.


  1. Pink Frenchie,

    As someone who grew up in a warm climate, I cherished seeing tulips in on yearly trips to NYC. I remember how gorgeous they were in front of Rockefeller Center. I love them also in art prints. As an art historian, you are probably well versed in the Tulip Wars.

  2. A FAV place to indulge my passion for tulips is the Arboretum in Dallas. No need to fly to the Netherlands, Pink Frenchie.

    A feast for the eye -- wandering through the grounds of the sixty-six acre DeGolyer estate.
    Spectacular at "tuliptime" in the spring!


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