Monday Morning Pastry Pause

What is more simply decadent than a perfectly warm croissant?  Of course the pleasure of this pastry treat is exponentially enhanced by dining on a wobbly little Parisian table while sipping on café crème.   

Just because you're miles away from lovely Paris, you need not starve yourself of pleasure and indulgence. So, why don't you have a little bit of Paris on your plate this Monday morning? How about you forgo your usual, boring oatmeal in a bag or drive-through latte and steer your way over to the local pastry shop?  

Give yourself a few nice minutes before the Monday hustle to drink a cup of strong coffee in a porcelain cup and savor a croissant.  Listen to the golden crust crisp and flake open.  Smell the butter.  Ahhhhh, butter. 
I guarantee your week will be off to a sublime start if you adopt the practice of indulging in a weekly croissant. Enjoy, mes amis.

Images borrowed from InnerCityState, EpicurianDebachery, CannelleEtVanille & Blacknight.


  1. Pink Frenchie,

    Have you tried the frozen chocolate croissants at Trader Joe's?
    You let them rise overnight so the kitchen smells all yeasty in the morning.
    DIVINE fresh out of the oven!

  2. "Virginia"---in fact, I wrote about the TJ's chocolate croissants here:


    They are among my favorite frozen treats.


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