The Bath Ritual

Bathing is a daily necessity but with a little care, it can become a luscious ritual.  When was the last time you took a nice long soak?  Light a few candles, pour yourself a little glass of vino, play some Maria Callas on the iPod, and sit in the fragrant bubbles until your fingers shrivel.  Think about your day or don't think at all.  Relax and restore.
Stevens, The Bath, 1906
Bonnard, Woman in the Bath with Small Dog, 1945
Degas, After the Bath, 1910
Santerre, Susanna at the Bath, 1704
Gerôme, Moorish Bath, 1880
Cassatt, The Bath, 1893

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  1. Oh I just love these paintings, especially the first one with the woman holding the white roses. So happy to have found your divine blog!

    Hugs from Paris xoxo
    Camille @ Paris in Pink


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