Pink Week: Beauty Queen

One of the first things women purchase when having a bad day is a new tube of lipstick.  There is something about the transformative power of a little makeup to make me feel like a new woman.  I tend to get stuck in a beauty routine, using the same products and colors day after day; but, occasionally, I browse through Sephora or a department store to spice up my makeup palette.
Pink makeup may conjure up too many thoughts of Elle Woods in Legally Blond or Shelby in Steel Magnolias, but a touch of rose or petal or even fuchsia on your face can make you look fresh and gorgeous. Now there are such an array of pink hues that anyone can find the perfect shade.  

Here are some of my favorite pink products (caveat emptor: I have very fair skin, blond hair and hazel eyes.  These are products I wear and like.  I can't endorse them for other eye/hair/skin combos):

The perfect combination of a gloss and moisturizer.  Not too sticky.  An ideal shade for spring.

Like other super-pigmented Nars blushes, this one looks garish in the case.  But applied it offers the ultimate rosy cheek. 
My favorite girly-girl nail polish.  May tend to look a little "Barbie" on the fingernails, but on your toesies, you'll feel like sipping Piña Coladas at the beach in no time.
This is not an everyday product because it definitely amps up the glitter factor.  But for a youthful touch over your usual eye makeup, a light sweep of this eye shadow brings a little glam to your eyes.
When I lived in Dallas, it seemed like every woman in Highland Park had her nails painted in three coats of this shade.  It is the perfect, pale pink.  Always classic, always elegant.
Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Daisy 
If all else fails, and you're still resisting the idea of pink makeup, you can always just "smell pink."  This slight floral scent with a grapefruit note will surely make you feel fresh as a daisy.  And, what about that super cute retro flower bottle?  You know you want one on your vanity!

Vanity photo styled by VirginiaMcDonald.

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  1. Always pretty in pink, Pink Frenchie!


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