For me, polka dots have always been in vogue.  Like classic leopard or a Glen plaid, polka dots are a welcome print in my wardrobe.  But, according to recent fashion news, these whimsical, cheerful dots are making a big come-back. 

Some fashion journalists attribute this to Michelle Obama, taste-maker-du-jour, who wore a custom-altered H&M polka dot dress on the Today show with bright, primary color accessories.  But long before Michelle O decided to deck herself in dots, the runways of Valentino, Oscar de la Renta and Miu Miu were featuring the black and white pattern. 
Historically, it seems polka dots originated in England sometime in the 1870s, perhaps concurrently to the interest in the Polka dance.  But, the dots went global in the 1950s and 60s when lovely Lucy began wearing her trademark dresses.  Polka dots are also associated with the costumes of flamenco dancers, showing the saucier side to this typically-innocent print.

Whether you associate polka dots with toddlers or the chicest gal on the block, try a touch of whimsy this spring.  From bold and big dots to tiny little freckles of spots, polka dots of all shapes and sizes are a timelessly tasteful print. 

Images borrowed from WeHeartIt, OrangeFruits & Vogue.

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  1. Pink Frenchie,

    I still remember the red-and-white polka dot dress I wore to dance club when I was in the sixth grade. The fabric had a sateen finish.
    I felt totally glam in it!


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