Designing Pour Le Bébé

I am resisting the urge to turn Les Petits Plaisirs into a full-fledged preggorama, maternity and baby blog.  But, from time to time, I do plan to offer a few little baby tidbits about our adventures. 

As we begin to decorate the nursery, I have been searching the web for inspiration.  We are not finding out what we're having (well, we know it's a human, just not which variety), so the nursery will need to suit a little Miss or a little Mister equally.  

I hesitate to use the phrase "gender-neutral" because it immediately conjures up visions of pale, bland spaces.  I also stray away from telling anyone that we have a "theme" for the nursery, as that often results in collections of matching thematic baby gifts.  

For our design, we are aspiring to keep the room enjoyable for both baby and the adults who will use the space as a guest room.  The walls will be painted a pale robin's egg blue, and we'll accent with modern, bolder colors.  

Rather than trying coordinate anything that is too matchy, we're opting for an assembled international look---filling the room with lots of collected objects from our journeys, travel-themed art, and fun patterns.  I suppose we're going for "the well-traveled baby" look--an aspiration for all the adventures we want to take as a family. 

Here are some spaces that spark our creativity:
Images borrowed from MeganCreates, DecorPad & OhDeeDoh.

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  1. Pink Frenchie,
    There's nothing more dramatic than giving birth and finding out whether you have a little bambino or bambina! Big HUG to the mama.


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