Parisian Poochies

Regular visitors to Paris know that dogs of all varieties seem to have carte blanche in many public spaces.  From restaurants to department stores, from parks to produce markets, les chiens are everywhere in Paris.  
Carrie Bradshaw with one of Paris' lovable dogs
I am a true dog-lover so the occasional appearance of a pooch on a café chair never bothered me.  In fact quite the opposite, I find the French treatment of dogs rather endearing.  Dogs in France seem to be recognized not only as companions worthy of the best treats (doggie croissant, oui-oui) but also as kindred souls who seem to connect with us mere humans on a deep level.

So, here's to the canines of my dear city.  Merci for bringing your charming irreverence and adorable fuzziness to Paris' pathways and parks. (Just don't leave too many irreverences on the sidewalk, s'il-te-plaît.)  
For more on the attitude of French dogs, check out this clip from CBS Sunday Morning on Orson in Paris

Images borrowed from JacketMagazine, FranceALaMode, RichardAvedon, BruceMcTague, CastleMaine, RobertDoisneau.


  1. Pink Frenchie,
    Cute clip on Orson, the doggie, in Paris. He could star in his own little film.

  2. While I was in France in early May we were in a Michelin-starred resto in a Relais Chateau hotel and at dinner the first night there was also a beautiful Lab as well! I have always loved the French attitude about dogs! And they are always so well behaved!


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