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"You see the two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you discover why you were born." -Viola Davis, Providence College Commencement Address 2012
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I never attended my college graduation or my graduate school graduation.  In college, I finished a semester ahead of schedule and in grad school, let's just say my thesis took longer than expected to write (or I just became exceptionally gifted at procrastinating). 

Even though my family insisted and begged and pleaded that I walk across the stage and accept my hard-earned degrees, at the time, I didn't find it necessary.  I had moved on.  I had already commenced the next step.  

Well, here's your chance, Mom and Dad, soak this in: you were right.  I should have gone.  I should have taken at least an hour or a weekend to pat myself on the back but more importantly to reward YOU for the support you provided.  You willingly sent checks for more $200 art history textbooks.  You listened when I experienced the woes of dorm room drama.  You joined in conversations about what I was studying.  You allowed me to pursue my studies freely and to focus on learning (oh, okay and just sometimes on frat parties and football games).  I really should have allowed you just one day to revel in it.   

As another spring rolls into summer, graduations are happening all across America.  It makes me nostalgic to return to those days when I had to (or got to, rather) spend hours in the library or days crafting essays.  Now, I recognize what a gift that moment in my life was.  

As I've moved into my thirties and brought my own child into this world, I hope I can raise her to figure out WHY she was born.  I hope I can bring her up to know the value of education.  And, I hope I can convince her to attend her own graduation. 

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  1. Prink Frenchie FanJune 16, 2012 at 8:56 PM

    Pink Frenchie,

    I LOVE college graduations! Why? That day is everyone's happy birthday! What event could you possibly attend where every family feels such JOY? And then if you're lucky enough to get a great commencement speaker . . . the day is perfect!


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