Strawberry Fields (Forever)

If there is a better activity for a Saturday summer morning than picking strawberries fresh out of the field, I cannot imagine what that might be (okay, maybe sipping mango coladas in St. Thomas would be equally as delightful, but work with me here).  Until you've tasted a real, ripe strawberry that is warmed by the sun and speckled in morning dew, you haven't tasted a strawberry. 

In California, we are lucky to have strawberry fields that stretch forever.  Never mind that our strawberries may be grown with a healthy fertilizer of smog, they are sweet and juicy.
Today, we went strawberry pickin'.  We were frolicking along, stopping to sample and soaking in the sun.  We were not serious pickers.  We were more lackadaisical in our approach and that is how a Saturday of strawberry pickin' should be. So, go get caught red-handed sampling those delicious treats and enjoy the bounty of summer!

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