Cocktail du jour: The Classic Margarita

Confession: from time to time, I watch an episode of the Real Housewives of _______. On a recent train wreck episode (aren't they all?) of the RHONY (that'd be the Real Housewives of New York for those of you who don't rot your brains on Bravo), one of the gals mentioned that she thought "tequila was the only alcohol that was an upper."  
Well, I have found no scientific evidence to support this claim, but I have consumed a few margaritas in my day.  And, I do have scientific evidence to support the fact that: a) they are delicious & b) they make me smile.

Most restaurant margies are made with yucky, thick, syrupy "sweet and sour" mix.  That is NOT the way to make your ultimate margarita. They are quite simple to make.  And they are even simpler to drink!

-2 shots of silver tequila
-1 shot of Cointreau
-juice of half a lime (NOT that bottled yucky stuff)
-quick squeeze (exact measurement!) of agave nectar

I like my margaritas shaken in a cocktail mixer with some ice and then served over ice with salt and a squeeze of lime.  I also like my margaritas at the end of a loooong day.  Oh, and I like my margaritas with a side of many, many chips and a whole heaping bowl of guacamole. Olé!  

Enjoy, amigos!  (Yes, dearies, I realize I am having some linguistic confusion as this blog is overwhelmingly dedicated to France, but Mexico is a mighty fine place too!)

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