Mine, All Mine: Personalized Spaces

In the South, most anything that isn't nailed down (and well, a few things that are) can be suitable for a monogram: button-down shirts, baby frocks, totes, pillows, towels, upholstery.  

Here in California, monograms are far less frequent and that makes me love them even more.  Maybe it's the faster pace of life and quicker rate of change that keeps people from stamping their things with a permanent mark, but I adore the traditional preppy elegance of a classic monogram. 

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  1. Back in the days when my dresses were made by a seamstress, I had many a bodice monogrammed. So elegant and, of course, unique. Today, we live a fast-paced life without thought to these little plaisirs and indulgences. Thanks for reminding us!


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