Taste Treats: Almond Croissants

I do not believe in eating cereal on Saturdays.  Use your nice plates, make something special, top the table with a vase of flowers.  Announce the arrival of the weekend with a breakfast extraordinary. 

While pancakes are my usual Saturday standby, I spotted Trader Joe's Almond Croissants earlier this week and they've been waiting patiently in my freezer ever since.  I have long been a fan of the TJ's frozen Chocolate Croissants, so when I discovered the almond variety, I knew my thighs were in trouble.  
The one catch is that these flaky pastries must proof overnight, so you must be patient as they rise to greet you in the morning (oh and the other catch is that you instantaneously gain forty pounds, but French women don't get fat, right?).  When you awake from your slumber to find the croissants all puffed, I assure you, they will be worth your wait.

Unlike the pain au chocolat, these treats did seem to be missing just a little something.  I topped mine with a bit of raspberry jam to compliment the sweet almond flavor.  

With a nice, deep cup of French Roast, my Saturday is off to a marvelous beginning. 

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